Getting up and running with Hazaar MVC is really easy and is done in only a few basic steps, depending on the operating system you are working with. I suggest Ubuntu Linux as Hazaar has been developed on Ubuntu so it will work with it. I have made some effort to ensure that Hazaar is cross-platform compatible, particularly with Windows support, but as I do not develop under Windows daily, some bugs may arise. If so, please create a support issue so they can be fixed. Hazaar MVC is installed with Composer and available via Packagist.

What is Composer?

As a PHP developer, you probably already know about Composer. If you don’t know, you should. Composer is a popular dependency management tool for PHP, created mainly to facilitate installation and updates for project dependencies. It will check which other packages a specific project depends on and install them for you, using the appropriate versions according to the project requirements.

To continue, please read the document that suits your development environment.

Quickstart Guide

A great place to get up to speed quickly on Hazaar MVC is by reading the Hazaar MVC Quickstart Guide.The QuickStart covers some of the most commonly used components of Hazaar MVC.


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The files in this archive are released under the Apache 2.0 License. You can find a copy of this license in