Hazaar MVC is under active development and is constantly evolving with new features being added regularly, with new releases coming every few weeks. The release schedule will surely slow down once all the major features on the Hazaar MVC development wish-list are added. 


Hazaar MVC is the passion of one person, me, Jamie Carl. If you have found Hazaar MVC to be useful and would like to reward me in some way, cash is always a good way to go. Feel free to use the link below to send me a dontation and to help buy me a beer.

History of Hazaar MVC

Hazaar MVC is the work of Jamie Carl who began developing it in late 2012. The reasons cited for initiating development of what could be refered to as “another PHP framework” were many. Not least of which was simply “because I can”, the main reasons where a deep dissatisfaction with many of the existing frameworks and their features as at the time many of which did not support namespaces.

It was discovered while looking for a robust feature-rich framework for building an online financial planning application for Jamie’s employer, Achieve, Corp., that many of the existing PHP frameworks either lacked the required features, were overly complex, or just didn’t address the main problem that PHP kinda sucks.

After much consideration and contemplation, it was decided in early 2013 that Hazaar MVC should be open and free to the public and efforts began to package Hazaar MVC for public consumption.