Hazaar 3 is coming, and it’s fast…

I’ve been working on the next major version of Hazaar MVC for a little while now.  This version is going to unify at lot of the concepts I attempted to deploy in version 2, but never really got them polished.  I felt like I was fighting a losing battle trying to have a OS-independant “one size fits all” management tool for working with Hazaar projects.

So what does one do in these situations?  They re-write the entire core of the framework to implement the new concepts at the core, and early testing has the changes actually increasing performance, not reducing it.

So yeah, it’s fast.  Like 30% faster fast…

So Hazaar 3 is the implementation of the concepts I outlined in my previous post.  The biggest change is the framework entry point, also known as the “public” script.  It’s the public/index.php that was normally maintained as part of the application.  Turns out this file usually never changed (it never needed to) between applications and so why did there need to be a copy for each application.  Why not keep it in the framework?

Well, now we are.

Along with this we added a few more steps to the start up process.  Because we can now have multiple applications on the same framework, we needed a way to route the program execution path to the appropriate application.  Currently this is being done by path but I’m hoping to extend this to also be by hostname (virtualhost).  Much like the multi-host concept I implemented into Hazaar CMS, we can look at the hostname and route to an application using that.

It is still very early days and I’m far from a release, although you can hop on to the Hazaar 3 GitLab anytime and try the code out for yourself.  see: git.hazarlabs.com/hazaar/hazaar-mvc-3.  I’ve created a separate repository for Hazaar 3 because so much has changed and moved around and I didn’t want to mess with the currently working version and merging a branch of this magnitude would be ugly when that day comes, so best to make it a new thing.

So stay tuned as I will try and have more updates on the progress as I get features up and running.

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