API Documentation is now online!

I’m proud to announce that as of today, the full API documentation is now on-line!  This documentation is generated directly from in-line comments embedded in the Hazaar MVC source code as well as from the structure of Hazaar’s namespace/class hierarchy.

Documentation has always been the weak link with Hazaar MVC.  I have some _(hopefully)_ detailed enough documentation for some of the more Advanced Features, but sometimes you just want to pop the hood and see how things work for yourself. Enter, the API documentation…

This documentation is generated by a custom PHP parser and some other smoke and mirrors, and stored in our super-fast MongoDB database in a raw structure format.  Documents are then generated on the fly when requested and formatted to look all pretty and useful for you, the venerable user. 

Because this documentation is generated from the Hazaar MVC source code itself, not all namespaces, classes and methods have documentation associated with them.  This will be updated over time, but for now you can at least see the methods and properties provided by all classes in the framework. 

Why not just use phpDocumentor, you ask?  Good question, and originally I did.  But I decided I wanted full integration with the existing documentation including style and intra-document links.  But also because phpDocumentor is sloooooooow.  To generate documentation for the 462 odd source files in Hazaar MVC took about a minute or processing.  Using my home-grown PHP Parser, it takes 600ms.  Thats right, 600 milliseconds!  Not a bad improvement if you ask me and this is mainly because the raw structure is stored in a database instead of generating HTML output directly. 

By the way, the PHP Parser, as well as the DocBlock parser that I built to generate this documentation, are now included in Hazaar MVC free of charge!  See Hazaar\Parser\PHP for more info. As always, questions, concerns and comments are welcome at support@hazaarmvc.com.


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