Update on Hazaar 2.0

No I’m not dead and neither is this project!  Far from it in fact as Hazaar 2.0 is well under way and full of awesomeness like Multiple Class Inheritance, Real-time signalling, Services and much much more.

Read on to find out the juice…

So after the release of Hazaar 1.3 I sat down and started to think about what I could do to make Hazaar more than “just another PHP MVC Framework”.  What I came up with is quite frankly, cutting edge and earth-shatteringly awesome.

So what are some of the new features you can expect once a release is good to go?  Well, let’s start simple:

Multiple Class

Inheritance PHP tried to do this in 5.4 and quite frankly, failed.  While traits kinda do what multiple class inheritance is intended for, the main problem is you have to declare a class as a trait, and then you can’t use it as a normal class. 

With Hazaar’s Extender class you can have multiple class inheritance and use it how you want. 

Real-time Signalling

Hazaar comes with a new piece of magic, aptly named Warlock.  Warlock sits in the background once started and waits for client connections that request to listen for a named signal and then forwards on any signals that have been triggered with that name. What’s useful about that?  Will, think of building a real-time web-based chat application and you are scratching the surface at what is possible with real-time signalling and Warlock. 

Services and Delayed Execution

Another function of Warlock is it’s ability to execute chunks of code in the background.  These chunks of code can be defined as a ‘service’ which Warlock will attempt to keep running for the lifetime of the application.  They can also be generated on the fly and executed “at some point in the future”, be it “today at 5pm” or “in 35 minutes”.  Delayed execution is also a great way of “firing and forgetting” function calls that take some time to execute and you would rather return immediately. 

There are a whole bunch more features coming in Hazaar 2.0 but they are the big ones that are currently stable. Keep an eye on the Hazaar 2.0 Roadmap to stay more up to date. Until next time…

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