1.2 is out. Get it now!

It’s a tad late, but it’s finally here.  Hazaar MVC 1.2 is now available for download!  Read on to find out what’s new!

This release of Hazaar MVC has a few bug fixes, but mainly new features.  Here are the highlights:

  •  (see #623)
  • . (see #616)
  • Complete suite of HTML helper classes.
  • Better exception handling.
  • A newly designed built-in error/exception page.
  • Server load protection (see #619)
  • Enhanced support for locales 

There’s also been a few other tweaks under the hood to make things work a bit nicer.  

You can checkout the full roadmap, or if you’re ready to go now, head over to the a “downloads”:http://www.hazaarmvc.com/download page.

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