More website updates

I have a funky new documentation section on the website which is now fully AJAX happy.  

As Hazaar MVC grows, so does the Hazaar website which itself is built on Hazaar MVC.  The Hazaar website is a prime example of what is possible with Hazaar MVC (as it should) and so it regularly receives updates.  This update is an almost complete overhaul of the documentation section of the website.  While the documentation itself hasn’t been updated (yet, it’s coming I promise), the way you access document has changed.

The navigation is now using the jqWidgets jqxTree widget and page content is loaded entirely with AJAX calls.  This should make things a little faster and a bit nicer to navigate.  Search results are now also loaded in the same manner.

So, check out the new documentation section and feel free to let me know what you think or if there are any problems by submitting a support issue.

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