Updates to the Hazaar website

Over the last few days I have been tinkering with the website to make it a lot easier to find information and just nicer to look at and use.

Most of the changes to the website are visual, but here’s a list: 

  • FULL TEXT SEARCH – The biggest feature I have added is full text search to the documentation section.  In the search box just type in a list of words or even a phrase to search for and your results will be displayed.
  • USER AUTHENTICATION – It’s now possible to log into the website directly.  Logins are the same as with the Redmine developer site at http://dev.funkynerd.com. Logging in allows you to comment on documentation using your account details.
  • The downloads page now displays downloads for both .tar.gz files and .zip files for the Windows people.
  • The old version section is now an pretty accordion.
  • DOCUMENTATION – The documentation page has undergone a bit of a facelift as well. All of the available screen real estate is now used and the full navigation is shown with some cool JavaScript syncing up the active nav item with the current page.

If there is anything that doesn’t quite look right, please let me know.

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