APT package repository now available

Quite frankly, APT rocks.  It’s what we should all be using for managing packages on our computers.  So to that end I have finally managed to get an apt repository for Hazaar up and running.

Full details on how to use the repository to keep your version of Hazaar MVC up to date are available in the installation section of the documentation. The gist of things is this.  

Add the Hazaar MVC repository to your host:

# wget -O - "http://packages.hazaarmvc.com/repo-pub.key" | sudo apt-key add -
# sudo echo "deb http://packages.hazaarmvc.com stable/" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hazaar.list
# sudo apt-get update

Then you can simply install Hazaar by doing the following:

# apt-get install hazaar

This will also install libapache2-mod-php which should in turn install the Apache web server. If anyone has any problems, as always feel free to contact me or report an issue.

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