Hazaar has a new website!

One of the newer features of Hazaar is it’s new Bootstrap View Helper which allows developers to create visually pleasing views using the Bootstrap styles.

Because of this I decided to update the Hazaar website to use these styles to showcase what can be done.  We also needed something that didn’t look like it was styled while I was boozed up on beer or white wine (which I probably was at the time).

But not only have I re-styled using the new Bootstrap integration, but all the documentation that was previously buried in the API Referencehas now been brought front and center.  I did this by using the Redmine wiki in the HazaarMVC project.  This has allowed me to quite rapidly publish all the documentation I have thus far on how to use Hazaar by using Redmine’s wiki editing functions to actually write the documentation.

Building this included writing a wiki parser for parsing textile wiki pages (using classTextile.php), extracting news and file download information from the Redmine project page and also a code syntax highlighter (using GeSHi) to make the example code pretty. 

GeSHi is now included with Hazaar!  Documentation is forthcoming!

All this has taken me a total of about 8 hours of development time (not including moving documentation around), and for what you now see before you, I think that’s a pretty damn good example of the power of Hazaar and it’s rapid application development feature.

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